COVID-19 Information: March 28, 2020 Update

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Alpine Animal Hospital Coronavirus Information

Updated March 28, 2020

Alpine Animal Hospital is open and our hours have not changed. Our staff is here for you and your pets: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM and Saturday 8:30 AM – Noon.

Together, we are finding that each day brings changes to our lives, and new challenges we must overcome. We want to assure you, our Alpine family, that we remain focused on our clients and their pets. We promise to continue to keep you updated on what we are doing at Alpine to continue to serve your pets while we keep our community and our hospital staff safe.  

We are available to provide exams, procedures, and treatments for animals that have current health concerns, and if postponement of care would risk harm to the pet. Therefore, examples of procedures we are continuing as normal include:

·    Dental cleanings if tooth extractions are needed, if antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications alone are not able to control their discomfort.

·    Surgery to repair torn cruciate ligaments or other musculoskeletal injuries that risk causing suffering to the pet or permanent damage to the limb.

·    Cancer-related surgery, procedures, and treatments.

·    Laceration-repair procedures.

·    Treatments for any other disease or injury that is progressive in nature.

·    Initial series of core vaccinations for puppies and kittens.

·    Rabies vaccinations, as the Rabies virus is potentially zoonotic (it can potentially transfer from animals to humans).

·    Prescription refills (please see below for temporarily lifted VCPR restrictions).


In order to decrease risk our clients, staff, and the community, and to preserve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our human counterparts, we are currently postponing:


·    Routine vaccinations for adult animals including: FeLV, FVRCP, DA2PP/DA2LPP, Bronchi-Shield (kennel-cough vaccine), Influenza, and Rattlesnake vaccinations. This does not include Rabies vaccinations (please see above).

·    Routine procedures that use PPE, including: routine dental cleanings, and routine spays and neuters.

·    Routine Annual Exams, if your pet has no new health concerns.

o   If your pet needs a prescription refilled, we are allowed to temporarily waive the requirement that they have a current VCPR (under normal circumstances, the State requires a pet to have had an exam from the veterinarian within the last year in order to refill a medication). Therefore, you can refill your pet’s regular medication without a physical exam, as long as there are no new health concerns. Just call our clinic to submit a request for a medication refill.


Boarding services are OPEN:


·     Our boarding services remain open to anyone in need, for example, our brave healthcare workers battling this virus on the front lines. Other pet parents may need boarding services for their pet while they care for a loved one.
      > If you'd like to board your pet, whether it is for just one night, or many nights in a row, please call our staff to schedule accommodations for your pet, or to ask for more details about boarding.

When you arrive for your scheduled appointment:

Please remain in your vehicle and call to notify our staff. When your exam room is ready, one of our staff members will escort you and your pet straight to the exam room.

- OR -

If you prefer to wait in your car during your pet’s appointment, our staff can escort your pet in and out of the clinic for you. We are able to take payment over the phone, and we can review prescription and at-home treatment instructions, curbside.

Please call us at 541-752-7747 or email us at 
if you have questions or need anything for your pet.


Please join us on Facebook for regular updates regarding our response to the COVID-19 outbreak.




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